Thursday, 23 August 2012

counting our blessings

today i am deep in thought on how we live our every day lives we all have our own problems some are minor and  some are major but i know all of us will know or hear of people who are a lot worse of than ourselves so today i feel is a day to look at and count my blessings i am blessed to have a lovely family i am blessed to have a wonderful husband i am blessed to have food in my cupboards and a roof over my head i am blessed to be able to have spirit in my life and i am blessed to know some wonderful and caring earth angels and i am thankful for all my blessings so anyone who pops in today and has a peep at this blog i ask out of the goodness of my heart today sit down and count any blessing that you have and send our love  our compassion and our healing thoughts and light to those we know and hear of who are in a a lot worse place than us  love and light xxx


debbi taylor said...

I am a strong believer in things happen for a reason and we come across the people in our lives for a reason also - whether they are here for the duration or simply passing through... However I consider them blessings and cherish the people I encounter, no matter what life throws at us the blessings far out way what we struggle with
hugs to you too

Janice Coleman said...

so so true hun xxx