Sunday, 26 August 2012

spirit in dreams

im always being asked do spirit visit us when we dream in my opinion and i have to say this is just mine i believe they do the best time for our loved ones to come and visit us is when we are asleep they can chat to us help with our problems and give us advice its when we can have the contact with them like when they were here with us on earth . how do we know what is a memory or a visit from spirit well the only answer i have to this is something i was told years ago by a very good medium i knew and respected if in our dreams we know our loved ones have passed and we understand they shouldn't be here then this is a visit from spirit if in our dreams we think our loved one is alive and well and as they were this is us remembering them from our memory are myself have never had a message while i have been talking to spirit whilst i was awake yet i have spoken to my close loved ones while i have been asleep i have always known in my dreams they have passed and they have talked with me and reassured me, so its food for thought and remember sweet dreams love and light xxxxx

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