Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The start of your journey (FOR WILL!!)

when i was young the start of my spiritual journey was very stressful as i didn't know how to channel all the new things that was happening to me when i was very young it was ok i didn't have to make sense of all the things i heard and felt i just accepted them when i came into my late teens and early twenties it was harder to deal with things if i told people i spoke to spirit i would get a range of reactions some understood some didn't and some thought i was just plain nutty but being able to communicate with spirit is such a tiny part i think of being spiritual , to keep harmony in your soul you will go through many battles i myself have had many things in my life where for one reason or another i have chosen the wrong path and led down the road of temptation,i have also had times where i have had to deal with things and felt so alone but when i have been at my lowest someone has always come along to give me a helping hand my earth angels they have come into my life at just the right time and helped and guided me, it took me till i was in my forties to be comfortable with being who i am and to find my spiritual path and i know that many are just starting there journey and will have all the battles themselves to face but without these battles hardships and bad times we wouldn't grow into the people we become and hopefully be able to help those who need us most so for all those just starting i say listen to those voices look for those signs and welcome your earth angels because they will help to help you face your struggles and in turn you will grow to help others and no doubt in future i will again have to face hard times in my life but i know i wont be doing it alone love and light   ,

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