Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How i feel spirit works

I have been asked many times how do you know when spirit and loved ones are with you i believe we all have it in us to communicate with spirit if we are open enough and learn to read the signs rather than fear them , many loved ones will be with us have you ever felt what feels like a cobweb on your cheek or a slight tickle sensation these are known as spirit kisses or cobweb kisses  sometimes they will move things so you notice just to let you no they are there if you are upset or emotional spirit will still want to be there to comfort you and will use more energy to let you know this if you listen to your senses you will be able to feel them .when people come to see me they ask how they know to come the answer is simple because they are with you and feel your sense of longing that energy is enough to bring them through.,i myself will never call upon spirit so sometimes i have someone come to me and i just dont pick up anything i then explain to them its not because spirit is not with them or that they dont care its just that it takes a lot of energy from them and me to bring a message and sometimes that will only be done if they feel the message is important enough a good medium or spirit worker never makes things fit .

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debbi taylor said...

A lovely way to describe when spirit is near cobweb kisses x