Friday, 31 August 2012

Protection cleansing grounding

While i was out tonight doing my readings i had to explain to a lovely lady about protection so i thought i would share all with you .Protection is a must whenever you are working with spirit as i have mentioned before we need to protect ourselves from bad energies there are many ways you can protect yourself my favourite is to put myself my family my home in a bubble i fill my bubble with light bright white light then outside my bubble i put a silver reflective wall around me to reflect anything trying to enter after doing this for a period of time you will be able to either put yourself in your bubble whenever the need or keep up your protection all the time .meditation is another could way of adding protection and you tube do a lot of protection meditation  videos so look through and try a few and see what you feel comfortable with using white candles is good for clearing and also a sage smudge/stick for cleansing rooms incense sticks can also be used for this i find that if im upset or feeling negative the best thing i can do is ground myself you can do this through a grounding meditation {again loads on you tube}or sometimes i simply take of my shoes and walk outside on the earth and feel the ground beneath me sometimes we all need a little grounding and this is a simple way to do it so even if your feeling out of sorts kick your shoes off and go for a walk  love and light

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