Friday, 24 August 2012

believe or not believe that is the question ?s

I have never forced my op ions or beliefs on any one it is up to the individual what they choose to believe in i can only share my experiences that has led me to my beliefs. I was very young when i realised i was not right for anything of a better word when i was a young child i knew things no one could explain my momn god bless her said i used to scare her i would tell her when someone was going to visit that day and it would be someone she had not seen for months and she would laugh it off but low and behold they would come when she asked how i knew would say someone told met i would say to her mom phones going to ring and then it would ring how did you know that she would say someone told me i   would say  when i was about 8 i was lying in bed scared of the dark  i had had a bad dream and it woke me up and i was scared i heard a voice saying shhhhhh your ok when i looked at the end of my bed was a lady shimmering in a white dress in that moment i was'nt scared and felt calm and she said go back to sleep im always here looking after you . as i got older i got used to the voices and seeing strange people it became part of me and my faith grew i followed my instincts but i quickley learnt not everyone felt the same and if i talked about my experiences i was often given strange looks so i soon learnt to hide it as i have got older i have learnt myself to become more open and not worry so much of others veiws and i have learnt from my experiences not to be so judgemental of others the way i live now is except me for who i am and i except you whatever you faith or whatever you beleive in it does'nt matter what i beleive or what you belive the only thing that matters is that it matters to you . love and light xx

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Tina said...

hun im loving all what you are doing on here , you are a truly gifted wonderful lady , a real earth angel ! love , light and blessings xxx