Saturday, 1 September 2012

spirit do they get stuck?

people always ask me why do some spirit stay and some spirit pass over why do they get stuck here on earth i believe and think spirit can stay here but most do it by choice i think a lot of spirit can sometimes be kept here for because they are looking for something sometimes they just like to hold on to what they know i also believe that some spirit can get stuck in there time don't except that they have died therefore cant move on what can we do about this? if a spirit is causing unrest in the house or where we work etc well if you feel you have an unruly spirit there are a few things you can try first of all you can cleanse the rooms with a sage stick or smudge you can light white candles in the rooms (white is for purity and peace ) you can also confront the spirit acknowledge it there then ask it to leave .Not all spirits that are hanging around are unruly  some are for one reason and another stuck in there time when this happens they see everything like it was in there time when they was here and as weird as this might sound they see us as the intruders and cant understand why we are there ,when i first moved into my house every now and then a spirit man would barge past me on the stairs grunt at me then say what do you want after doing this many times i decided to try and speak to him he thought i was in his house and i was the intruder and he wanted me out when i explained to him that this was my home now and my family lived there and hopefully we could all live in the same house and he had to except this then hopefully we could all live there after i had said this i  stopped seeing him but i knew he was still there then one night about 6 months later i was lying on the floor with my young son my older son was in the chair and we were watching t.v all of a sudden i heard the man and he was shouting at me MOVE NOW he said and i remember thinking this is not good i still lay there then i heard him again louder and more urgent MOVE NOW GET OUT OF HERE for some reason i grabbed my to little ones and headed for the door just as we stepped out into the hallway i heard a massive crash and bang when i turned and looked into the room my big mirror had feel from the wall crashed onto the fireplace and a shard of glass about 2 foot tall was stuck in the carpet the exact spot that me and my son were lying i then realised my spirit man wasn't trying to scare me he was trying to protect and save me if he hadn't have told me to move me or my son could have been seriously injured or killed ,and im glad to say we have lived in peace ever since love and light

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