Friday, 21 September 2012

When is soon to soon ?

I have not had a good week this week and it has thrown me into deep though early last week i learnt that someone knew had lost someone very close to them and it was not expected of course them and there family are completely devastated then i  had spirit come to visit me they just wanted there family to know that they were ok and that they were still there with them looking after them i knew straight away i would not be able to pass that message on for a number of reasons and this has affected me deeply as a spiritual medium i am blessed to be able to pass on messages from spirit to there loved ones but sometimes very rarely there are times when i feel that the message at this moment in time would not help those left behind  its very hard when i am involved and know the people when i am doing my readings nine times out of ten the people i read for are strangers and they have come to me plus i am not emotionally attached . as i knew the people involved i knew that if i tried to pass on the message i was given it would cause more upset they have to come to terms with there loss they have to adjust and for a long time there will be a huge void in there life's and i knew at this moment in time any message i had to pass on would not be received well i explained this to spirit and i knew they understood what i was saying i also explained that i knew when the time was right they would speak to me and of course i would pass on the message and the good validation they had given me , but it still left me feeling hopeless with my work like any other part of our lives they are sometime some hard decisions to make have i done the right thing honestly i don't really know but i have to follow my instincts and do what i think is right at the time and sometimes even i momentally  wish i did something else god bless

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