Sunday, 2 September 2012

Our pets and young children how they sense

The lovely things about babies and young children is as far as spirit is concerned they have no fear babies and young children i feel can see spirit and talk to them until they get to the age of knowing ,people often say to me my baby was gurgling and pointing to the ceiling  smiling and playing  i know my children all seen spirit from an early age . My eldest child had an imaginary friend from an early age he used to make me cook dinner for him by extra sweets for him the works one night i was busy in the kitchen when my son then aged three asked me for dindins for his friend  so i said to him perhaps your friend would like to go and have dinner with his mommy and daddy tonight so my son toddled off into the lounge then a few minutes later he was back and he said to me but he said you are his mommy, so that got me thinking i said whats you little friends name and my son said his alan mommy (alan being my spirit baby) i was shocked as we had not talked about alan freely in front of my son as he was only young so i said to my son doesn't alan want to go home to his mommy and daddy tonight so off my son toddled a few minutes later he came back and said alan said your his mommy and he lives in the bedroom with you what more could i say ..My daughter also had an imaginary friend who she played with argued with and fought over toys with again when she got to four he just disappeared then when she was in her late teens she came into my room in the middle of the night she said she had woken up and a young boy was sitting at the bottom of her bed she said she was to scared to move until he spoke he said don't be scared its only me your brother im just looking after you .so sometimes if you hear you children and babies cooing and laughing then they might just be talking to our loved ones  love and light xxx


debbi taylor said...

Aidan (3) has just looked at this picture and said there is an angel, he says he hasn't seen his angel but the feathers mean that he has been near and he says his angel is up high!
Finds feathers regularly x

Janice Coleman said...

bless him thats lovely xxxx