Sunday, 2 September 2012


pets  are also really good at picking up and sensing spirit they will let you know straight away when they are picking up something i can only speak for dogs and cats  but i know my lovely dog picks up all things when im doing a reading i always have my dog in the room with me he is my sense i know if harvey is not sure about who has entered my space then i shouldn't be sure when im doing my readings harvey at first will circle and walk about once then if his happy he will lie down and go to sleep there has been a time when harvey has growled and barked and as silly as this sounds then i know not to let that spirit into my space i think again pets have no prejudice to what they see or hear all they know to do is protect love and light


debbi taylor said...

My Rufus was always near me and again when he was sensing something he wouldn't growl but he would grumble and bark... x

Janice Coleman said...
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