Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Take time out !

Well  i am feeling a bit better this week and having took some time out i am starting to feel ready to continue with my work.I always feel when working with spirit you need to be able to do it with a reasonable clear head like i have said before communicating with spirit takes a lot of energy fro you and them and if you are feeling under the weather or have a lot on your mind your channels will become blocked when things are getting to much for me and i have a lot on my mind or i am feeling under the weather i know it would be a complete waste of time for me for spirit and for my clients who i do readings for to try to continue on i would not be able to give them or spirit my full attention when i am communicating with spirit i have to concentrate so hard and focus on just what is going on at that moment in time, if i have other things on my mind or am feeling low it just wont work so i have no qualms about cancelling my readings and stopping my spiritual work for a while because we all need time out .Sometimes my conversations with spirit can be very sad and draining what they tell me can be sad and alarming sometimes that's just how it goes and i except that as well as having the lovely messages so i have to recharge anyone who is reading this and is progressing in medium ship remember its always good to stop and recharge and take time out if i did a normal charge whatever that is lol i would get holidays but in this work you tend to forget to take a break because spirit can be anywhere i even had one in butlins this year lol and yes i can switch off when i wont to but i find i am always willing to listen which sometimes can be my downfall like most i always try to continue to work so like i said i am feeling better and have more  readings booked in again from next week after talking a fortnight of so like i said remember no matter how you walk this life every now and again TAKE TIME OUT god bless

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