Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Guides and our life's path

Today i have been thinking about the path we all walk which is life's path . Everyone of us will hit bumps twists and turns on this path and we will all deal with them differently , i know in the past i have fell many times as i have walked and sometimes it has been a struggle to get back up and carry on but i know that sometimes i have been picked up and carried by my earth angels as you have heard me talk about earth angels before how these are people who come into our life's for maybe a hour a week a month or for years but help us along and keep us going also i believe our guides and our loved ones and our angels will do the same thing .as i have gone along my path i have made mistakes like everyone else because not one of us is perfect the mistakes i have made some small some really huge have all been a learning curb for me and i always say to my children you will make mistakes in life and some will be huge you might hurt someones feelings you might regret what you say and what you do but the thing you must do is learn from them and try not to make them again .I believe the mistakes i have made in my life the big and the small ones have led me to be the person i am today all the time when going through these hard times i have asked my guides and loved ones and angels to help and they have always come through so no matter how alone we feel here on this earth the thing i say to everyone is always remember we are never alone if we ask and try to listen we will get help when we need it and we need to look for the signs our loved ones our angels and our guides will let us know they are there if we look so for everyone who is going through one of these bumps these twists or these turns just sit there quiet and speak to those we cannot see or feel because they will be there and they will listen each and everyone of us has a guide and that's is what they do guide us the best they can through the bumpy road of life its just a matter of trying to open up and listening to what they say love and light

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