Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Sometimes people who are just finding their spirituality find that they have a block and wonder why, there can  be many reasons for this but i have found over the years while i have been doing this i have always had a block when things are happening in my life by a block i mean not being able to communicate with spirit or feeling spirit have left you . when things are happening in our own life and our energy's are being used to cope with everyday things and problems you will usually find this is when the block will occur of course spirit have never left you but you will be protected by your guides communicating with spirit can be very draining and takes a lot of energy from you and spirit, when we are ill or having to cope with things that are going on in our own lives our guides will protect us and block or keep back if you like spirit so we can build our energy back up. over the years i have found i have stopped doing my spiritual work when i have been going through stressful times myself and i have needed to concentrate on helping me and others around me .I am often asked how do i just switch off well sometimes i don't have a choice and my guides will make me switch off and other times it is my choice when i have to get on with my everyday life, but i also like to think that spirit know when and if its ok and will be just as respectful towards you and your situations as they would have done in life  love and light

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debbi taylor said...

this is so useful - thank you x