Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How did i/do i cope with disbelievers

When i was younger i soon learnt it was better nor to say what i saw and heard i was already considered to be strange and  those friends i did tell and confide in well they were children and not to good at keeping secrets and i was soon being called names and bullied i was known as a bit of a dreamer at school and teachers often said i was often away with the fairies lol well they were nearly right the one subject i did like was history and always completed my homework because i always had help lol .As i got older i found it was easier for me just not to say anything so i kept a lot in all through my late teens up till my early twenties but i still felt and heard the odd comments believe me i have been called a lot of thinks from being loopy to being a witch to other things that was a lot worse of course it upset me and at first i kept everything about my spirituality to myself . what people don't realise is that spirituality goes a lot deeper than just communicating with spirit it is your body and your soul and if one is out of balance the other is affected its took me till now which is nearly 50 to come to terms with my spirituality to enjoy it and to love it to accept who i am . I do not expect anybody  to believe what i believe i do not feel the need to prove anything to anybody and as a person there are certain things in this world that i don't believe in so i never push my beliefs on any one else all i ask is have an open mind and don't judge me as i don't judge anyone .To me being spiritual is a state of mind it and it helps me to find peace i am now at one with me i like who  i am if asked i say who i am im not ashamed of who i am or what i do and that is a nice feeling to have and like i have said before i think we all have it in us to be spiritual to communicate and to see things we cannot explain i just feel we have to be open to experience it and as the song says i am what i am love and light 

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