Friday, 14 September 2012

Things i see !

Most of the time i consider my gifts to be a blessing every now and then and i stress not often but on nights like tonight i wish i never had them not only do i communicate with spirit but i also know when things are going to happen and by things i mean not so good things i sense them and get a horrible feeling in the bottom of my stomach a couple of weeks ago we lost a kindred spirit another medium on the same day i heard of someone else i knew had also died when i heard of these i knew that in the next couple of weeks i would hear of another person that  would die. Last week i was drawn to a lovely girl i know so i viewed her profile on fb i knew instantly something was wrong i knew she had lost her dad all week i have worried and hoped i was wrong then a day ago i saw her dad in spirit world again i was praying i was wrong but tonight someone close to me has told me that yes she did lose her dad last week i know this lovely girl and i know how close she was to her dad and i can feel her pain i also know that nothing i say to her at this time will comfort or help her so i feel useless i know dad is fine and he is healed and he has been reunited with his daughter that im sure of but my heart goes out to this lovely girl and her family .so sometimes when you have a gifts like these its not all roses and light and like everything else in our lives i have to take the good with the bad just sometimes it sucks    love and light

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