Wednesday, 5 September 2012

when loved ones pass how long ?

I am always being asked how long is it before our loved ones come through that's like asking how long is a piece of string because like in life its always about the individual i believe and i stress its only what i believe that it all depends on any  number of things how they passed how they was in life etc some spirits can come through straight away last week for example i had someone who lost someone close to then the lady who had passed had lived to a good old age was independent and got on with things herself right up until a couple of weeks before she died then she had a stroke which took away all her right side and there was no chance of her regaining it she would have lost all her Independence and all her family new she would have hated that just before she died she turned her head to the right side(something she was unable to do) looked up to the ceiling and called out her late husbands name twice of course he had come to meet her to help her over and i believe for the last few minutes on earth she was healed ,when i was talking about this lady with a member of her family she came straight through even though she only passed hours before she was happy she was with her husband and in her words she had had a good life and most of all she was ready she wanted her family to know that .In this case she was ready and able to come through but sometimes people who have passed need time to adjust to come to terms with there passing to reunite with all those they have lost and loved and for them to learn how to build there energy so they are able to come through and of course to heal, so there is no given time on how long it will be but i do know that when the time is right for them and for us they will find a way of letting us know love and light

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