Monday, 10 September 2012


this is the subject i am never keen to write about even writing or talking about negativity i feel attracts it and i like to keep my distance .Depending on what you believe depends on whether or not you believe in negativity i will always say if you believe in the good then you have to believe in the bad one does not come without the other my spiritual journey has been affected by negativity and i know it is out there i have been touched by it im not going to go into my story of how i was affected by negativity needless to say i have seen enough to strengthen my belief in spirituality for if it had not been for my belief in good i might have been a whole different person today. Negativity can come in all different ways and can affect us in all different ways depending where we are in our lives if we are low and vulnerable that is when negativity can take a hold when i talk about negativity im talking about a broad spectrum from how negative thoughts can affect our thought pattern how it can effect our judgements to how we act there is also the more known negativity i.e negative spirits and entities . Sometimes we can move into properties and inherit a negative spirit which i think i have touched on before if this happens we of course try to cleanse the place if this does.nt work then we need to maybe look elsewhere for a professional person to come and try to get rid of the negative for us  , but we can come across negativity energy anywhere we can be with someone who is very negative in life and if we spend enough time with this person it will start to impact on our own life .If you know someone who is always argumentative destructive in there own lives follow paths that lead them to negative outcomes and you have tried to and help them  and no matter what you have done they refuse you help what more can you do and if there negative attitude starts to affect you then you have to start thinking of cutting that negativity out of your life .Its the same with problems once we have one then another we get down and start to view everything with negative thoughts no matter how hard it is we do have to try to keep positive and try to focus on whats good in our lives are       . its the same when others have done things to us our first natural reaction is to get angry and retaliate back then it spirals and before we know it we  thinking a doing things we thought we could never do its hard to try and not let others anger and negativity affect us but if you remember that all it will do to you is put you in a bad place yourself if anger affects you from other people try doing what i do walk away breath the air in and the anger out  love and light

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