Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Different Days

Today when i got up i knew today was going to be different and an active day , it started early in the morning when my cousin phoned and told me some wonderful news she has had a very hard time of late ill health and the loss of a loved one who she was very close to and living somewhere she hated with no prospect of ever been able to move out and then an earth angel has come along and been able to make a move possible to somewhere that is peaceful and to a house she loves ,then my phone rang and it was a friend who i said i would do a reading for her friend and she wanted to know house number but as i was talking with her i knew her friend was going to cancel as i was talking to her her mobile phone rang and it was her friend cancelling her reading because she had some difficult family problems to contend with i knew it was not the right time for her to receive a message .It has been a day of reflection as we remember the tragic day that happened across the water and all those who lost there life's on 9/11 and it is my best friends birthday who i have known for over 30 years as i was ordering her some flowers to be sent to her house i couldn't remember her address as i was trying to think my phone rang and yes it was my best friend so with a little teasing i managed to get her address and keep the surprise thank you kind spirits  , then in the afternoon a old friend came to visit who i have not seen for a long time {and yes mandy that's you if you are reading this ) after the strange day i had been having i knew i was seeing her for a reason and of course i has message for her from spirit  so its been a day for reflection a day of surprises and a day of spirit a different day    love and light

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