Sunday, 16 September 2012


Im often asked the question and have asked it myself and that is why? why did they have have to go why them its just not fair and if i or anybody else had the answer to that question a lot of us left on earth who feel a lot more ease. What i believe is that when we are called it is our time and no matter what or how if its our time its our time we are walking a path and that path has already been set out before we even arrived here i know that it harder for those loved ones left on earth than it is for those that have passed with all the spirits i have communicated with i can tell you the one message they always want to say first is we are alright we are happy and not sad i remember when my own mom was very ill she was very angry at dying and i worried that the anger who stop her from passing on to spirit world not long after she passed she came to me in a dream ( the only way i think i could have coped with seeing her at that time) and told me she was ok and to stop worrying ,its us here on earth who look for answers we will never be able to find and that's natural it all part of what we need to do to grieve but the person who has passed has already moved on from how they have died of course sometimes there is exceptional circumstances but overall no matter how they have died they just want loved ones to know they are ok and we here that's left have to grieve we have to mourn there loss so that we are able to move on so like i say to everyone who suffers a loss its ok to ask why even if you never get the answer first we grieve then we remember then we start to laugh again ,but rest assured our loved ones are fine xxxx

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