Friday, 7 September 2012

Messages for me !

I myself have be known  to go and see a medium, spiritual mediums etc often i had a conversation with a friend today that was interesting and i thought i would share . Why if i can communicate with spirit why do i have to visit others that can do the same if i can communicate with spirit then why not just talk to my loved ones myself,so the way i explained it is like this i rarely receive a message from my loved ones myself why is this well the way i see it is like this if my lovely mom came to visit me and we talked and i could do this often i would never let her go you see its not them who don't want to come and see me its me stopping them because i am emotionally attached there would not be a day when i would not want to see my mom talk to mom and have her round me and spirit just cant do that to hear my mom or any other loved one i have lost and to be able to talk with them would cause me so much grief again when i had to let them go and they understand this hence they wouldn't visit me in the first place . when i do my readings and give messages i have no emotional connection with the person i am reading for and the lovely person who is in spirit so i can give the message and stay focused and do what i have to do as a voice for spirit so i like many others visit mediums myself and i wouldn't have it any other way love and light

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