Thursday, 6 September 2012

Do i get scared

Another question i am always being asked is how do spirit come through and do i get scared , i explain spirit have all different ways of coming through like i have said before i am lucky as i can sense hear and sometimes see them but they will also use pictures or flashes of where they had been and even smells . Sometimes i can hear them really clear and other times the way i explain it is like them being on a bad telephone line and i can just about hear them and it takes a lot of energy to even pick up the slightest thing they are saying no matter how many times i ask them to step forward . I usually find the more they step forward and the more the connection we have that's when i get to see them i will start of hearing them then they will start to appear i must admit even though i have been seeing spirit since i was a small child i still jump when someone visits me and they suddenly appear and i have had times when i have been out and it has took me sometime to realise that i have been standing next to spirit for sometime because they appear the same as you or i ,a spiritual friend told me something years ago that i still find really intriguing and that is we walk among the dead and the way she explained was think of when we are out and we are in a really crowded place walking along doing our own thing getting on with our day well the saying is 10% of who we walk among are spirit but we just don't realise it .DO i ever get scared in all honesty not very often now when i was younger yes i did get scared because i was trying to deal with being different now i think would i be scared of these people if they were still here and no most of them i wouldn't and i see them no different from you and i of course every now and then i will get a negative energy or spirit and i will tell you how i deal with those in a later date but i know i am protected and i trust and believe in my protectors and guides so all in all no i really do not get scared i feel blessed to be able to communicate with these lovely people  love and light

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