Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Your special place

For all those who are growing spiritually  and for all those who need somewhere for peace and reflection i am going to talk about my special place this is somewhere i go when i meditate somewhere i go when i am tired and need to reboot and rarely somewhere my spirit guide will take me when he senses danger i am asking you to open your mind and comprehend something you may have thought never existed . I have a  place where i go to which is not of this earth i am lucky to have 2 main spirit guides i know one of them is my grandfather another is of a higher spiritual level that looks after my spiritual side now i can here some of you saying  ooooo shes a bit mad well again like i have said before it all depends on  what you believe in as you grow spiritually and you get to trust and know you guides this place will become more of a sanctuary to you . To find your place its all about being open try to start off look through and choose ones of the spiritual meditations on you tube then while meditating and controlling your breathing ask you guides to make them selves known and to help you find your healing place and see where this takes you always remember to use your protection bubble before you start and hopefully with practise you will be able to go to your own special place when in time of needing peace to reboot your energy and for protection also while in your special place you will be able to explore your spirituality more hope you try this in time its something you wont do without  godbless

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