Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Readings for friends

Do i like doing readings for my family and friends well i can tell you my answer is no not really and i have many reasons for this , i will always prefer doing a reading for a complete stranger someone i have never met and know nothing about then when spirit give me lovely validation i know and the person i am readings knows that there loved one is really there i am not saying when i do readings for friends that there loved ones are not there but the validation has to be better and of course this takes more energy fro me and spirit. When i am reading for a friend i always have in the back of my mind that i know this person and certain aspects of there life so i myself am wanting the validation to be something i would never know and this can be distracting when i am communicating with spirit on the other hand spirit can be quite good and while i am communicating what spirit is telling me i will be saying all sorts of things and they will not make any sense to me but will to the receiver so they will usually give me something that i just would.nit know even when reading for a friend . The hang up is really with me and not with spirit as a friend of course i will hear things about there lives and have experiences that i have shared with them so i am more aware in what i am saying and i can over think what spirit is saying to me and sometimes i will question what they are saying and what i have in my memory so because of my over thinking it becomes more energy draining for me and spirit because of course spirit has to work harder to get themselves heard ,of course life is not that simple and this shows that sometimes if a message need to be heard they will come through whether or not they are strangers or friends and of course i will always pass on the message but if this was a perfect world i would always just do my readings for people i have never met or know . And just to say to all my lovely good friends this doesn't mean i wouldn't ever not give a message to you if someone come through for you but its just what i prefer myself i always give messages to whoever they are for when lovely spirit joins me whether they are friends or not   love and light

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