Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Karma friend or foe ?

I believe we can create  our own karma if we keep goodness around us and think and act positive we will have good karma and yes i do believe in the old saying what goes around  comes around so we really don't have to do anything because Karma will always be there .When something or someone has been nasty and upset you don't waste any negative thoughts thinking if only i could do this if only i could that don't waste your energy doing something not nice or nasty because what ever has happened Karma will pay a visit i know that there have been times in my life when i have been in a bad place and i have had a lot of bad energy around me things in my life have kept on happening because of the Karma i have created for myself  i always say try and be nice even if someone is being horrible try and keep light in your heart and soul even when things seem dark because we need to keep the energy good around us to create a good Karma for us so is Karma a friend or foe well i believe its both its just how we how we choose to live our life's     love and light

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