Friday, 14 September 2012

Little signs

I was doing some meditations last night and had a spirit lady come through to me and elder lady who wanted nothing more than a chat when i asked her if she wanted me to give a message to anyone she said not really duck just thought a chat would be nice i mean how lovely is that so we had a chat she was a was a lady who just liked to chat and then  today i was in the doctors waiting room while i was waiting for my hubby and this lady about the same age as the one who had visited me last night sat by me and started chatting she told about her life and i listened and laughed at her stories and when hubby came out i said i have to go now here's my hubby and as i got up to leave she took my hand and said thank you for chatting is lovely to have someone to speak to and i knew that today i was meant to chat to that lady and spirit had come the night before as a sign and i thanked her because she reminded me sometimes people just want to have a chat with another person and that can make them happy we are given signs by spirit all the time to make us think to make us grateful for what we have and to remind us to be kind to one and other thank you spirit love and light

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